Ghosn will be monitored by surveillance cameras and face

  restrictions on his computer use while on bail, according to his lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka. He also can’t seek to destroy evidence in the case.

  Ghosn is credited with steering Nissan away from financia

l collapse 20 years ago and became an iconic business leader in Japan. He claimed in January that his

arrest is the result of a plot by other Nissan executives, who opposed his plan to deepen the Japanese company’s integr

ation with France’s Renault.Italy may be about to formally endorse China’s Belt and Road Initiative, becoming the large

st economy yet to back the massive global infrastructure project which is a signature policy of President Xi Jinping.

  According to multiple reports, the Italian government could sign a memoran

dum of understanding within weeks, in hopes of attracting greater Chinese investment in its struggling economy.

  A spokesman for Nissan on Tuesday declined to comment on the court’s decision to grant bail to Ghosn.

  Nissan’s own investigation into its former chairm

an and CEO has “uncovered substantial evidence of blatantly unethical conduct,” the spoke

sman said, adding that “further discoveries related to Ghosn’s misconduct continue to emerge.”

  Kaori Enjoji, Yoko Wakatsuki and Junko Ogura contributed to this report.

There are 1.2 million tons of illegally abandoned waste acro

  South Korea, according to the Ministry of Environment.

  In theory, all waste produced in the country is handled in one of three ways: it is either rec

ycled, processed into fuel, or incinerated. But a series of events in recent years have disrupted this system.

  In 2017, a surge in smog levels prompted the governmen

t to tighten regulations on waste-to-energy plants and waste incineration facilities which wer

e blamed for belching out polluting fumes, says Sung Nak-kuen of the Korea Waste Association.

  Consequently, the number of incineration facilities fell from

611 in 2011 to 395 last year. And with the waste-to-energy plants feeling the squeeze, dem

and for solid recovered fuel — non-recyclable plastic and paper burned for heat and energy — has collapsed.

  But in late 2017, China banned the import of 24 types

of solid waste, including paper and plastic, extending it in April last year to include dozens more type

s of recyclable materials, including steel waste, used auto parts and old ships.

  Exports of plastic waste from South Korea to China fell by ove

r 90%, according to the Korea International Trade Association. Trash overflowed on the

streets of Seoul as the waste management companies refused to collect it.

Bayer will continue to support green and digital developmen

German company Bayer’s agriculture division Bayer Crop Science in China and China’s National Ag

ricultural Technology Extension Service Center (NATESC) under the Ministry of Agriculture jointly lau

nched the Action Plan for Enhancing Green Development Capability in Beijing on Wednesday.

The plan, a large non-profit training project co-sponsored by Bayer and the NATESC, is an

important topic under the framework of Sino-German agricultural cooperation.

To respond to the needs of green and quality development in Chinese agriculture, it a

ims to build green development capacities among key players, such as local officials and tec

hnicians in agriculture, executives in new types of agribusinesses, serve organizations and lead in co-operatives.

The project will be implemented for five years from 2019, covering all provincial regions.

No deal is better than a bad deal,” said Duyeon Kim, a Kor

  ea expert at Center for a New American Security. “Lifting key economic sanctio

ns without proportionate denuclearization steps risk losing leverage.”

  And even though the odds of success were low, with a mere

month for the US team to prepare, many Republicans portrayed the draw as a victory.

  ”It’s better to walk away than sign a bad deal,” said Sen. Lindse

y Graham, a South Carolina Republican and fierce critic of the Kim regime.

  ”What he did in Hanoi was the right thing to do — he walked away from a bad deal,” former Republican Sen. Rick Sant

orum told CNN’s “New Day,” adding that this was “a wonderful moment in (Trump’s) presidency.”

  Robert Galluci, a former US negotiator with North Kore

a, said he thought “the outcome was, potentially, perfe

ct … because things I worried about didn’t happen and things I wanted to happen, did happen.”

is the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Commu

ist Party of China. Ponta expressed his best wishes for the CPC. “I am very happy to be in Beijing on this special day, the anniv

ersary. I wish the CPC and Chinese people all the best on behalf of the people of Romania, a country that has always been

China’s friend and partner. Now China is an important and respected nation on the international stage,” he said.

Ponta made his first visit to China 15 years ago, and the progress China made in recent

years has deeply impressed him. He said, “Every time I come here I see an improvement in the standard of livi

ngs, the advancement in institutions and infrastructure. Every person feels an improvement of his personal status. Every year I have seen China become mor

e open to the world. I think Europe not only can learn a lot from China’s economic fast development, but also the polit

ical and social stability. That’s something sometimes Europe should be jealous about. That’s why just showing re

spect, knowing and loving each other every time more will make China and Europe better for the generations to come.”

ideo games stock collective goodwill “thunder” blastin

In prosperous atmosphere of Spring Festival, the film and television game company perform

ance in 2018 is all green “gone with the wind”.A-share preliminary results lay A than A surpris

ing, who also have never thought, by far the largest thunder from A game company: the gods entertainment.Late Jan

uary 30, 4 billion yuan worth just god entertainment (002354, SZ) notice 2018 results “suddenly turn hostile”, net profit is e

xpected to be loss of 7.3 billion yuan to 7.8 billion yuan, is just a goodwill impairment provision is 4.9 billion yuan.

Video game company targets tend to belong to light assets, and in the growth period, high business reputation become the c

ommon fault in this industry.”Daily economic news” reporter according to incomplete statistics Choice data found tha

t at present there are gods entertainment, gaming stocks in swim long game and other 16 a-share listed co

mpany performance losses, more than 10 companies mentioned the influence of goodwill, and there are 10 in film and telev

40, jay Chou “small public election” people don’t collaps

  January 18 is jay’s birthday, the big boy accompany you have youth 40 years old this year!

  Friend liu geng hong, fan brother chun-kai wang is the first time on the blessings, fan

s are happy birthday to jay, thank him to accompany you with so many songs over the years.

  Since 2000, with the same name “Jay” official debut album, Jay Chou in the in t

he mind has been cool, drag drag, as time goes by, also gradually exposed the “small publ

ic election” side, lovely, naive and tsundere, spoil everyone said he was “very smelly fart”.

  The drag and tsundere set until now has never collapse.Recent j

ay not bask in Florence travel photos, after a lot of fans see idol to punch as a souvenir photo.

  Birthday, jay updated the individual social networking platform ins story, fans of the load of screenshots.

  It turned out to be the pictures of the fans in the imitation of Chou, jay Chou also very smelly

fart with his fans in the same place imitate him taking pictures, but they don’t know I was upstairs!

The FBI “Tong Russia” investigation angered Trump

US President Donald Trump, quoting a New York Times report on the 12th, criticized the FBI for launching an investigation against him “without reason”.

The report said that in 2017 the FBI investigated whether Trump “worked for Russia” and then “damaged the interests of the United States”.

Some senior Democratic congressmen responded on the 12th and, having read

the report, will continue to promote the “Russia-Russia” investigation.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Trump was relieved of the post of FBI Director Jam

es Komi in May 2017 and that the FBI launched anti-espionage and criminal

investigations against Trump a few days later.

The investigation included whether Trump posed a threat to the national security of the Uni

ted States, whether he worked for Russia or was unintentionally affected by Russia,

and whether the dismissal of Komi impeded judicial justice.

It was reported that the FBI investigation was later combined with the “Tung Russia” investigation conducted by Robert Miller, the

special prosecutor of the Ministry of Justice, and it was unclear whether the former would continue to investigate Trump alone.

Since May 2017, Miller’s team has been investigating whether Trump’s campaign team “colluded” with Russia during the

2016 presidential campaign, without directly pointing the investigation at Trump.

Trump tweeted in the social media “Twitter” on the 12th, responding that he had just learned from this report that he

had been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investi

gation (FBI). He pointed out that the investigation was “unreasonable and

without evidence” and satirized Komi as “a villain”.

Trump’s lawyer and former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, told the New York Times that he knew nothing about

the investigation. Giuliani also stressed that Trump

had not heard anything since the FBI launched the investigation a year and a half ago, and that the other side had apparently “found nothing”.

The New York Times reported that the FBI had not released any evidence that

Trump had secretly contacted Russian officials or accepted Russian instructions.

Zhou Qi is ruled out of this season’s CBA League and

January 12 (Reporter Lin De-liang Zhang Xudong) Yao Ming, chairman of CBA Company, participa

ted in the CBA All-Star Weekend Media Salon in 2019, responding and answering the topics of public concern in recent leagues.

Yao Ming, chairman of China Basketball Association and chairman of CBA Company, attended the media salon event of Qingdao All-Star Weekend in Qingdao in 2019 an

Yao Ming, chairman of China Basketball Association and chairman of CBA Company, attended the media salon event of Qingdao All-Star Weekend in Qingdao in 2019 an

Yao Ming, chairman of China Basketball Association and chairman of CBA Company, attended the media salon event of Qingdao All-Star Weekend in Qingdao in 2019 an

d answered questions about the organization and operation of CBA league matches by reporters — Photographed by Meng Yongmin, a reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Zhou Qi, a Chinese player who joined the Houston Rockets, was recently laid off by the team. Regarding whether he could participate in the C

BA this season, Yao Ming said that because there was no pre-registration team for Zhou Qi, he could not play this season according to the regulations. Yao Ming said, “The pre-registration metho

d was formulated more than a year ago, which is also a transitional policy, and we will go even further in the future.” Promote in a standardized and f

lexible way. Zhou Qi is not pre-registered, according to our current regulations, then he will come back this season, there is no way to participate.

Yao Ming also said: “We are also very entangled, the national team players need to play in order to perform better in the World Cup in

19, but this is a real conflict, in this regard, CBA league players have such rules, we need to comply with.” Yao

added that since Ding Yanyuhang had pre-registered, in other words, if he decided to return in the middle of the

season, he could play in the CBA League this season.

On December 17, General Manager of the Houston Rockets of the American Basketball Association (NBA) Morey

confirmed that Chinese player Zhou Qi had been laid off by the Rockets.

The scale of seabed fishing and sowing is very large

January 5 news in Haidilao hotpot restaurant dining, the shop broadcast promotional television suddenly appeared indecent

pictures. This afternoon, some netizens reported that they saw this scene in a restaurant on Jianghan Road, Haidilao Hotpot.At 3:20 p.m. this afternoon, a netizen posted a

microblog saying that just after eating in Haidilao restaurant, the TV screen in the restaurant suddenly jumped into yellow film with a large scale.

The unexpected scene embarrassed everyone, and the waiter laughed as he added drinks. Soon, the TV was turned off.

Another netizen also mentioned the incident on Weibo, indicating that it was positioned at a restaurant on Jianghan Road in Haidilao. Through the

photos released by the netizen, the reporter of Chutian

Metropolitan Daily saw that a woman was naked in the TV pictures and the pictures were not elegant.

At 7 o’clock tonight, the reporter came to Haidilao Hotpot Shop on the seventh floor of a shopping mall on Jianghan Road. At this time,

it is the peak of the meal, many guests queued outside the shop waiting for a table.

There was a TV hanging on the wall of the store, but it was closed. Reporters learned that television is used to broadcast the propaganda film Haidilao hot pot, the incident occurred around 3 p.m. this afternoon.

Shop staff said that because of the sudden incident, they were also surprised, the specific

reasons are still under investigation, recommend reporters to the company’s official verification.

Reporters then dialed Haidilao Hotpot Customer Service Center to reflect the incident. Staff said that the specific situation should be further verified.